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Market Research Solutions

Market Research is our native language.

Originally founded with a focus on Market Research, we’ve provided 100,000+ survey translations for clients in 135+ countries, and we continue to provide leadership to the Insights Association. We understand not just your language but also your objectives, and we know how to translate surveys without introducing bias or confusion. Plus, we just really like working with you.

Questionnaire translation

For online, telephone or paper surveys, we provide full translation, editing, and proofreading. We can also guide you in crafting a successful survey from the start, with regard to grammar, word choice, and cultural relevancy.

Qualitative research

When translating a moderator guide or preparing for a foreign language focus group, in-depth interview or even door-to-door research initiatives, G3 Translate is just a call away with linguists spanning the globe to meet your qualitative insight needs in even the most remote market.

Verbatim coding

With intelligent algorithms and pattern matching, we can efficiently code large volumes of open-ended verbatim responses from surveys either directly in language or after they have been translated into English.

Data scraping projects

Before you can know if all that data is useful, you need to know what it says—another great application of machine translation.

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For over a decade, G3 Translations has been a key translation partner to our US-based operations team for online survey translations work.

It is a pleasure to work with such a professional vendor. We don’t have to think twice when we work with them; they execute our translations requests, make recommendations and give us quotes for new work in a timely manner. With how busy and fast-paced our business can get, it is reassuring to work with such a can-do group of people. I would highly recommend G3 Translations to any organization that values a strong work ethic and willingness to execute quality translation work.

–Kimberly I., Millward Brown Digital