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Multimedia Services

Prevent your comedy from becoming a tragedy.

Whether your production aims to make people laugh or cry, you want them to take you seriously—hardly possible with a clunky subtitle or a voice-over that puts foot in mouth. We’ll help you communicate effectively with culturally relevant voice-overs, subtitling, and dubbing for your commercial, video, movie, or live broadcast.

Advertisement voice-over and subtitling

When you have thirty seconds to tell your story, every word counts. We’ll help ensure that your message and your brand are well received in new markets.

Audio Transcription Services

Our team of experts is committed to converting your audio accurately, equipped with the latest transcription technology—including a sharp set of ears. Yes, you can transcribe and then translate, but we prefer to translate as we transcribe—not only is it more efficient, but it also gives our translators critical insights into context, tonality, and intention.

Documentary voice-over and subtitling

We can help you communicate your story in a way that’s clear, compelling, and culturally appropriate.

Animation voice-over and subtitling

From online explainer videos to televised programming, we’ll make sure the message lives up to the medium.

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G3 Translate has become an invaluable partner for my firm and the work we do across the globe.

G3’s consistent ability to deliver not only comprehensive and accurate results – but also provide customized deliverables to meet our unique needs, has been vital to CCMC’s success. The personnel at G3 are consummate professionals in every sense of the word and a pleasure to work with. Every team member attends to projects with prompt communication, a sense of individualized attention, and swift turnaround—truly setting the standard for exceptional customer service in my book!

–Katie D., CCMC