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Our interpreters specialize in saying what you mean.

Translating and interpreting are two sides of the same coin. While translation refers to written messages, interpreting refers to spoken messages—which requires special attention to tonality and emotionality, and an intimate understanding of subject matter and cultural nuance. In other words, context is just as important as content. We can help you get your message across, with a wide spectrum of interpretation styles.

Simultaneous interpretation

U.N.-style interpreters relay messages as they are spoken, keeping the audience following along during presentations, speeches, and press conferences with international audiences.

Consecutive interpretation

Interpreters wait for the speaker to finish speaking and then proceed to provide the full translation, often used for court depositions and other legal matters.

Liaison interpretation

Speakers pause between each statement to wait for interpretation, for conversations and negotiations where technical accuracy is critical.

Telephone interpretation

Expert interpreters are available on demand 24/7 via our handy 1-800 number for a no-nonsense, per-minute fee.

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G3 translations have enabled us to more efficiently communicate with Hispanics from all over the United States.

We have contracted G3 for several years to translate many of our research materials into Spanish. They have earned my trust through their efficient, reliable, and timely work. Working with Nicole and team has been pleasure. I look forward to working with them in the future and would recommend them to anyone looking for a translation service company.

–Anna Marie, Company Confidential