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Language & Cultural Training

Maximize the effectiveness of your employees worldwide.

Blended course solutions in language, cultural, and business skills help set your employees up for success in the global business environment. Our experts can assess the skills of your employees and develop a personalized learning approach to meet your business objectives.

Language Training

We offer courses in more than 16 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch.

Cultural Training

Help your employees succeed in a complex multicultural environment. We foster an adaptable and flexible mindset, and empower professionals to avoid the pitfalls often encountered by expatriates and international managers.

Language Testing

Our testing program allows you to measure the exact linguistic skills of candidates so you know they are fully qualified for the job. We assess proficiency using Oral Proficiency Interviews (OPI), written assessments, and, in the case of interpreters, Interpreter Proficiency Assessments (IPA).

Business Skills

Our business skills workshops are designed to highlight strategies, tools, and techniques to maximize professional effectiveness and growth. Participants will actively engage in role playing games and simulations to help them succeed in managing difficult and complex business situations.

Blended Solution

A combination of mobile learning, webinars, and in-person training allows your employees to learn in the way that fits their schedule and learning style.

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