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Technology makes it faster. Humans make it better.

Technology can help accelerate and automate the translation process when time and budget are not on your side. We utilize Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools on every project. These tools help us build a Translation Memory—a lexicon of sorts—for your company, industry, target language and culture, which improves consistency and may reduce costs and turnaround time. We can also provide fully automated Machine Translation (MT) with human post-editing for projects with large volumes of data from web sites or surveys. While MT is not the same high level of quality as human translation, it can assist you in plowing through the massive volumes of verbatims, bulletin boards or social media data you’ve collected.

Machine translation

When it’s not humanly possible to translate large volumes of data quickly, we look to technology for a hefty head start.

Post editor

This service ensures that your machine-translated text is verified and corrected by one or more linguists, for a smoother final product.

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Doing large, global research projects requires trusting that you are getting the most accurate translation of your data.

Which is why working with G3 is always a pleasure. Not only do they provide quick and accurate translations, they have knowledgeable and efficient project management teams that are always willing to go that extra mile to ensure a positive experience.

–Jill F., Lieberman Research