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Think globally, speak locally.

If you’ve ever read something written in your language that still feels oddly foreign, you know why localization is critical. And it’s why we always assign translators who are familiar with local customs, colloquialisms, dialect, and slang, for each of your target markets. We can even advise you on culturally appropriate colors and iconography. Our team of native expert localizers and quality assurance specialists will ensure that your message feels at home in every market.

HR localization

We combine our language expertise with our HR industry expertise to ensure that your messages are relevant to local customs and culture, especially as they relate to the workplace.

Market research localization

A straightforward question in one market may be a landmine in another. With our industry expertise, we can help you make sure your market research is successful.

Website localization

We’ll make sure your web copy is written with sensitivity to regional tastes, customs, colloquialisms, and humor. Learn more.

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