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We can also translate kerning and leading.

Sometimes a word translates into a much longer word (or two, or three). And sometimes it both translates and transposes—from horizontal to vertical. As you might imagine, this can dramatically change the appearance and effectiveness of your communication, from brochure copy and legal documentation to photo captions and diagram labels. Our translators work within your target language and within your preferred design software, to ensure that your translations look and feel natural.

Brochure translations

We can translate multiple page layouts, mindful of not just page count and printing specs, but also the story you’re trying to tell through words and images.

Diagram translations

Because diagrams must convey complex information quickly, it’s critical to ensure that labels and descriptions are not just correctly translated, but correctly placed.

Caption translations

A picture paints a thousand words—and a translated caption might add another thousand. We can help make sure your captions are accurately translated, carefully placed, and neatly typeset.

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