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“Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands,” written by champion international road warrior, Terri Morrison, is the perfect guide for anyone who is traveling to another country whether for business or for leisure. It covers the cultural etiquette and business practices of over 60 countries! Did you know that your body language, speech or appearance can insult others and cause your intentions to be completely misinterpreted? This book tackles tips about how to close deals, break the ice and navigate not only the business world but also avoid being a complete outcast socially. It is derived originally from a 1990s database of international tips that Booz Allen Hamilton, AT&T and DuPont used and is a wealth of information if you plan to work abroad, travel or collaborate with international teams.

You’ll learn important lessons such as:

Key Phrases and Language

As Americans, we have key phrases and slang in our language that paint vivid pictures of what we mean — to us. But, non-native English speakers may be left in the dark about what we mean. It’s much the same in other nations. “Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands” offers up many of these key phrases. Also, of particular use are international greetings.

Another thing to consider when traveling abroad is the dialect or cultural differences in language. For example, many parts of China speak different languages and various dialects, depending on where you are. You can’t rely on knowing the “national” language to get by everywhere you go. This book shares the “must knows” about many countries throughout the world.

Social and Business Protocols

Making a good first impression is one of the most important elements of a business meeting (or, any meeting for that matter!) That being said, your initial greeting is crucial. How you address a colleague or superior is very telling of your knowledge of the culture. The way your dress can also show either great respect or a disregard for your hosts. This book provides even the most inexperienced traveler with enough information to get past those first impressions with flying colors.

Culture and Background Primer

As you travel around the globe, you can expect to find yourself in unfamiliar territory. Having even the most general information about where you’re traveling is going to be helpful, but this book offers basic history, government overview and a synopsis of the value system in many of nations you may be visiting. Understanding the culture’s motivations can help to communicate effectively with its residents.

Business Tips

Business is a tricky subject. Closing deals and negotiating contracts can be complicated… even when you understand the culture and speak the same language. It becomes even more of a challenge when you’re trying to navigate the world as an outsider. In this book you’ll learn about punctuality expectations, business values, and entertainment habits. For example, in America, we often accept a business card from a colleague without paying much attention to it at first, and instead of pocketing it to examine later. In Japan, that would be viewed as very disrespectful. The expectation is to immediately read the card that was handed to you in order to show its importance. Learning some of these essential business tips can prevent major mistakes that can blow a deal.

Altogether, “Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands” will give you a strong foundation to build positive relationships as you travel abroad.