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She’s at it again! Nancy Hernon, CEO of G3 Translate and member of the Forbes New York Business Council sat down with Jamin Brazil of the Happy Market Research podcast to chat about the company and the translation industry as a whole.

In this episode, Nancy answered questions about her upbringing and the role that her early life experiences played in shaping her career as an entrepreneur.

“I grew up with my mom. She influenced me by pushing me to be independent, to go for my dreams and never hold back”

She goes on to explain how this support motivated her to want to live abroad at a young age, and eventually further her education abroad as well. All of these experiences led her to find the career that, with the help of John Labati, was the beginning of G3 Translate.

Jamin also questions her about the origins of G3 Translate and how she came to create a niche for herself – specializing in translation of market research – while was working in an industry that tried to do it all and lacked a particular specialization. 

“This is a totally different language. They’re not just translating the words… it’s looking at people’s emotions and getting a feel for why they’re making decisions”

And lastly, Nancy discusses what she thinks the future of the translation industry looks like with the rise of new technology and how G3 Translate fits into the equation.

“I think it’s complementary… We are always going to have to have someone reading for culture, reading for nuance, reading it for subtext and feeling”

According to Nancy, while neural networks speed up the translation process, she believes there will always be a need for someone who understands feelings and emotions to properly translate the specific nuances of a message between cultures.

Listen to the full 40 min. interview by clicking HERE.