Young man in the officeHere’s what some of our clients have to say about G3 Translations:

Being a marketing consulting firm with clients who communicate on a global platform, Pemcor considers our relationship with G3 to be a true "partnership" as they are a part of our expertise when we discuss global distribution of information with our clients.
I am a frequent client of G3, and every time they deliver above and beyond my expectations. Whether I need 24 hour turnaround, translations in dozens of languages, or have very complicated texts to be translated; they can get the job done.Their team is thorough, professional, and exceedingly pleasant to deal with. I consider the team at G3 to be amongst my most dependable and capable colleagues, and I’ve never even met any of them in person! I would truly recommend G3 to anyone looking for a professional translation service.
Greenfield Online
G3 Translate’s staff are all highly professional individuals who are responsive to my needs, and to the quality of work. Our client service representative was always very responsive and hands on. She kept me informed of the timeline and the status of each project. Turnaround time for each project was outstanding. G3 Translations is truly an experienced global company.
Qualitative Market Research Company
Each time I have contacted G3Translate, I have had a wonderful experience. I have always contacted them with last-minute needs and each time, each team member I interacted with provided me with very friendly, thorough service. Their costs are quite reasonable and the turn-around time has always been on point with my needs.
Hall & Partners
Many thanks to you and your team for your fast work!
All Global Ltd.
After working in this industry for over 6 years and working with a ton of vendors, I can truly say that working with G3 has been a pleasure from initiation to the end; everyone I have been in contact with has gone the extra step and really made an impression on me. Thanks again for all the hard work and I truly look forward to working with you again!
Our team very much appreciates the fantastic service on all projects!
We are constantly impressed by G3’s service. Their speed, quality and overall responsiveness beats every translation company we’ve worked with. We do highly recommend them.
We use G3 for our marketing translations because, in addition to providing excellent customer service, they are fast, responsive and deliver quality translations.
International Research Company
I am convinced that Nicole is a miracle worker. She addresses our translation needs at the drop of a hat, responds to emails right away any time of day no matter where she is, and always delivers the final product with a positive attitude - no matter how difficult the project is. She manages several projects simultaneously without batting an eyelash.Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time