In-Language Coding

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In an effort to provide our clients with turnkey solutions, G3 Translate assists many clients with the verbatim responses to their foreign language surveys. G3 offers 2 major solutions: back-translation and in-language coding.

In-language coding is an efficient, cost-effective means to keep your finger on your customer’s pulse in markets all over the world.

For instance, you may need to decipher open-ended consumer feedback in disparate markets, say in Kyoto, Lower Saxony, and Toa Alta.  G3 Translate will appoint coders native to each region to establish and assign comments to a codeframe, eliminating the necessity to translate them first. This streamlined process will save you time and money.

Of course, accuracy is paramount, so every member of our coding team has 15-20 years’ experience and is an expert in the field. (At no point will we trust your project to an intern or recent college grad.) Our coders are friendly, client-oriented, budget-oriented, and live and die by deadlines.

Our clients tell us again and again that,  in addition to our expertise, what pleases them most is the relationship G3 cultivates with them. When you hire us, you hire a translation company that is committed to your happiness. Your project is never another number on a docket. We take your success very, very personally.

English Coding

If you like your multilingual research to be converted to English before coding, G3 will assign a specialist to translate data for each particular region.